Ninpo Taijutsu

Enduring-Spirit Martial Arts

Mind-Body Training in Martial Arts

Our attitude affects how we move. The connection between mind and body is very strong in ninpo taijutsu training—probably stronger than in other martial arts. Developing mental awareness through training can help you define and shape personal success. “Ninpo taijutsu” means enduring-spirit martial art: it developed in Japan over many centuries, and it lies at the heart of the Boston Martial Arts Center’s curriculum.

Ninpo taijutsu’s mind-body strategies make it quite unique from a contemporary self-defense perspective. An aggressor tries to control you, which can very well include dispiriting you. Building awareness techniques allows you to take charge of those mental and physical faculties that are often targeted. Practicing this helps us protect ourselves in a complete way.

In the context of daily life, mind-body training helps us weather challenges, take positive action, and move forward. Ninpo taijutsu practice makes that process more habitual. Physical training conditions joints, encourages cardiovascular fitness, and stretches and strengthens muscles naturally.

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