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Dojo refers to a martial arts school, and it translates to a place of learning. Over the past twenty-five years, the Boston Martial Arts Center has grown from a group of dedicated practitioners into a full-fledged dojo. Throughout that time, it has served as a conduit for studying martial arts in the Boston area. It is officially recognized as the Bujinkan Dojo Boston under the auspices of the International Bujinkan Organization (Tokyo headquarters) directed by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. The Boston Martial Arts Center is devoted to providing students with the best martial arts/self defense instruction available anywhere.

Mr. Mark Davis runs the Boston Martial Arts Center and is its Head Teacher. He is a Shidoshi (Master Teacher’s License Holder) in the Bujinkan Organization. He studied under Dr. Hatsumi in Japan and Mr. Stephen K. Hayes in the US. In addition to ninjutsu, Mr. Davis has advanced proficiency in several martial arts, kickboxing, and collegiate judo. He is actively involved in the documentation and practice of the Korean martial art Han Pul. His interests include the use of weapons in self-defense, mind-body practice, and meditation and movement related to the martial arts. Mr. Davis leads community self-defense clinics and teaches meditation and body-movement skills for corporations around the country. He also serves as advisor in curriculum development to various martial art schools.

The Boston Martial Arts Center offers weekly adult and children’s classes with highly qualified and talented instructors, as well as private instruction and seminars (upon request) by Mr. Davis, and advanced training, too. The dojo regularly hosts events and special seminars led by Mr. Davis and guest teachers.

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