Introduction to the Martial Arts

Find a Place in the Dojo

Every time we enter the dojo door, we locate ourselves in a place of learning, which is what “dojo” means. The Introductory Classes at the Boston Martial Arts Center are similar: they will situate you in the martial arts, wherever you’re coming from. From the first day of class, you’ll learn basic self-defense movement skills and gain exposure to the fundamental building blocks of the martial arts. And you’ll get acquainted with the dojo.

One thing you might notice is that people do a slight bow at the door upon entering and leaving. This is a simple acknowledgement that here, we can leave the day’s problems at the door and train with an open mind. Bowing in and out honors the process of learning with others, from teachers past and present. The dojo, as a place of learning, represents this peace of mind. 


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