Studying martial arts for personal protection

by | May 10, 2018

The main reason I started studying martial arts was for personal protection and self defense. Teaching it allowed me to help others defend themselves, too. But I also train and teach traditional martial arts. Some people ask me: why specifically traditional martial arts?

The study of tactics and strategies that were used in feudal times is very important. The problem-solving skills of these warriors were incredible. Warriors of the past had certain experiences that allowed them to uncover important keys to staying safe and alive in a dangerous, changing environment. Studying the so-called classics enables me to see the bigger picture of self-defense.

Seeing the bigger picture of martial arts, in turn, allows me to train my students and people who come to my seminars in a complete, holistic way: not just “this-or-that.” I start students with the complete set of basics. Whether they’re advanced or beginners, they learn the basics, because that’s the foundation of my teaching method. Then we move on to different levels of skill and methods. I am always referencing the traditional ideas and methods as I lead the student through developing their own skills and finding a deeper awareness of themselves through mind, body, and spirit.