Online Study for Kids Class

BMAC is offering online classes for kids on two days, Thursday and Saturday. Please see the information below to sign up & get situated.

What we offer:

• 4:30 pm (Thursday): Tiny Tigers 3-5 yrs
• 5:30 pm (Thursday): Dojo Dragons 6-11 yrs

• 9:30 am (Saturday): Tiny Tigers 3-5 yrs
• 10:00 am (Saturday): Dojo Dragons 6-11 yrs

How to sign up:

• Simply contact us here. We’ll send you the information necessary to attend class online. 

What you’ll need:

+ Download the Zoom app, which we will use for kids training, here:

+ Have your children wear their uniform and belt! 

Thank you so much for your attention. 

Click here to sign up for online classes.